AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WINNER: Winning at Kindergarten

Too many people don’t appreciate the amount of effort I put into being rewarded for completing tasks with the absolute minimum of effort. They don’t think that being awarded accolades on a silver platter feels ‘fulfilling’. Some people don’t even do things to win, but because – get this – they actually enjoy doing it.

“Oh, but working towards a goal makes it more satisfying when you do achieve it!” they exclaim, when they see that every time I create a new Sims family, I open up the code console and give my progeny ten million in household funds, the fastest car model and the flower of eternal youth. “You don’t understand the value of honest labour!” they complain, when I show them the schematics for my latest bank heist. “Not like us, our hobbies include poverty, waiting in traffic, and squandering our miserably short lives on the pursuit of our distant dreams!” they whimper, as they down the dregs of their regret. 

Well, unless they’re as accomplished as I am at winning, they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

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